Blog relaunch

Probably the bigger part the dev community experiments from time to time with a blog. Writing blog posts is an ability worth to reach for and only practicing it makes us better. But also there is the wish to deploy this with a machinery fitting to our dev style. Some are using simple wordpress or ghost (or even hosted solutions like Medium) to write their blogs. Then we have the faction "static is fine" which generates all the static files for a blog from a markdown repository. I experimented with both and settled for now on zola.

Why zola?

I settled for zola because its super versatile. I can have my portfolio and my blog combined in a single repository and can alter the complete website with a bunch of tera templates. Starting with zola is a little bit complicated as it is not meant for blogging alone but also for static websites promoting an association or non-profit (which don't change that often). I will describe the zola way in a future post.

Future plans

In general i try to blog now more often. I setup everything so i don't have a big maintenance burden in the future. My CI/CD deployment pipeline will automatically push updates from the repository to my webserver so everything should be fine. This gives room for writing and that is exactly what i plan for now.

An SPA written in Rust?

On the other hand i can develop an identity for my blog. If i have a style i am pleased with i can reuse it for whatever comes next. I am really eager to have instead a static application a yew/sycamore SPA instead. Not because it will bring any additional benefits but i would love to develop such a system in the future just for fun 😄️. To be honest i already started with it 🥳️.